Jeff publishes widely on personal relationships. Check out his other areas of interest:

  • Curriculum Vitae

    See a recent CV of Jeff’s work

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  • Social Networking

    What can you know about someone from his or her Facebook page? What can’t you know? What kind of image do people project on SNS?

    • Can strangers know your personality from your Facebook page? (see article)
    • Here is a published chapter summarizing it all (see article)
    • How do honest people come across on Facebook? (see article)
    • What funny on Facebook (see article)
    • Can Facebook make your break up worse?

  • Courtship and Flirting

    Here are the published research articles about flirting styles, aggressive pick-up strategies, and the free book chapter on the friend zone.
    • Get the exclusive Friend Zone chapter from The Five Flirting Styles here
    • Here is the original flirting styles article (see article)
    • Here is Jeff and Melanie's work on aggressive pick up strategies (see article)
    • Can people tell when you are flirting? Probably not. (see article)
    • What does each flirting style look like in person? Get the nonverbal flirting styles article here
    • Friendly? Flirty? Seductive? What message does it send? (see article)
    • Are sensitive people better at picking up on flirting? Nope! (see article)

  • Friendship Expectations

    What do people want in an ideal friend? What is the difference between men and women in what they think their friends should be?

    • Your circle of friends
    • Do your friends text too much? (see article)
    • Men and women want different types of friends (see article)
    • You can't always get what you want from your friends (see article)
    • Here are the big six (see article)

  • Online Dating

    What are the current trends in online dating? What types of people lie when they create their online dating profile?

    • Listen to Jeff be interviewed about who lies the most on online profiles and why here
    • Here is Jeff’s article on online deception (see article)
    • Jeff comments on current trends in online dating
    • People who meet & marry through social networking sites are just as happy (see article)

  • Humor in Relationships

    How does your sense of humor impact your relationship? Does it help to share a sense of humor, even for offensive jokes? It sure does.

    • Listen to Jeff be interviewed about how your sense of humor could be an embarrassment to your partner here.
    • Humor and embarrassment (see article)
    • Even sharing a bad sense of humor helps (see article)
    • Keeping humor light hearted is good for your marriage (see article)
    • New research links joking and laughing with flirting (see article)